Important customer information

Key for abbreviations:
VFB = VALE footprint box
FP = footprint(s)

The VALE order and production process

1. After you have selected and ordered a VALE sandal you will be sent a VALE footprint box..

2. On receipt of the VALE footprint box please follow the instructions and leave the impressions of both of your feet in the box. See either enclosed instructions or here on this website for more information.

3. Once you have left the impressions of your feet in the box, please close the box and return to VALE.

4. When the VFB arrives at our production site, we get to work on your sandal right away. A 3D scanner is used to scan your foot’s individual landscape, so your foot’s vale. This vale is then cut out and your sandal is put together according to the model that you chose when you ordered.

5. On completion your VALE sandal is forwarded to you for a life of foot comforts.


We constantly strive to make our order system as informative, comfortable and easy-to-use as possible. A part of this optimization process is the payment options available. Some of these options include Credit Card and PayPal payments. We aim at offering the highest of security for payments made in such a way. Refer to the payment page and select the payment mode best suited to your needs.